15 Interesting Facts About Singing Sensation Harry Styles

15 Interesting Facts About Singing Sensation Harry Styles

Boy bands are back and how. The trend of boy bands which became outdated after the millennium set in has re-emerged with ‘One Direction’ which has a bunch of super cute boys. Harry Styles is undoubtedly the most popular one among them and has a crazy fan following. Even Taylor Swift couldn’t resist his charms after all. Here are some interesting things you ought to know about this British heartbreaker.

1. Born on February 1, 1994, Harry is the youngest member of ‘One Direction’. Although this extraordinary boy was christened with an ordinary name like Harry, his parents have rather cool names; his mother is called Anne Cox and his dad’s name is Des Styles.

2. His crazy fan following can be adjudged by his Twitter account which has a whopping 4,868,870 followers.

3. Styles has admitted to his fondness for older women over those who are his age or younger. He famously dated 23-year old country singer Taylor Swift for about a month and also received bad press for being in a relationship with a woman called Caroline Flack who is 15 years older to him.

4. He is a typical metrosexual guy. His favorite color is pink, he prefers his women curvy and he hates getting his curly mop of hair straightened.

5. Styles was the one to come up with the band name ‘One Direction’.

6. Harry’s favorite song is ‘Free Fallin’ by John Mayer and his favorite music album is Adele’s 21.

7. The cute singer had a rather weird nickname when in school. He used to be called Hazza. Liam is the only ‘One Direction’ member to call him by that name.

8. Styles is an animal lover and he has a cat called Dusty. Also, he once had a hamster called Hamster. Now isn’t that funny?

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