15 Health and Fitness Tips Which Will Help You

15 Health and Fitness Tips Which Will Help You

When you ask your family doctor about health tips, he/she will give you loads of advice, which you might have never ever heard of. However that information will surely help you to stay healthy forever. Here is a similar list of health tips that you should know.

1. If you are obese, you don’t have to worry about drastically reducing your weight. You can opt to lose just 5-10% of your total body weight since it is pretty much enough to avoid health risks.

2. Avoid cooking oils since they contain more amount of fat. Instead you can use canola oil which contains very less amount of saturated fat and is highly rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It actually helps you to combat heart diseases.

3. Vitamin D is said to be a very important constituent to be included in your regular diet since it is significant for the bones as well as helps to avoid heart diseases and cancer. So, expose yourself to the sun, although not too much.

4. Rinse your mouth after consuming soft drinks since it helps to remove the acid content present in your teeth.

5. Say “No” to smoking since it might affect your fertility.

6. Take enough rest by sleeping at least for 8 hours a day. You should never interrupt your sleep cycle because it might obstruct your concentration on the work in which you are involved throughout the day.

7. You must never take drugs/pills on your own. It might actually be a sign of stress which you might think to be a very serious one.

8. Develop a new habit. You can read some interesting books to help you stay good, both physically and mentally.

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