15 Habits of Women that Men Find Annoying

15 Habits of Women that Men Find Annoying

Habits are hard to break but when such habits start coming in between you and your beloved then probably it’s time for you to take things in your hand. Read on to know about habits of women that men dislike.

1. Women often have the habit of telling men ‘how things should be done’. Take a chill pill ladies and let the poor guy do things ‘his’ way every once in a while.

2. The constant and persistent lecturing about ‘cleanliness’ is another habit of women that annoys men a lot.

3. Women often feel it is their right to pass a judgment on all his friends. Men find it annoying and irritating.

4. Gossiping while the guy is trying to get her in the mood is another big turn off, and a constant habit of women that constantly disgusts men!

5. When a woman treats her man like a kid, there can be nothing more annoying!

6. Women talk and talk and talk, often blurting out inappropriate things at inappropriate times. And men simply don’t like it.

7. The blunt openness with which women share all their personal bedroom details with their girl friends doesn’t go well with many men. And in case, the details revealed are of embarrassing nature, then men totally dislike it.

8. Women are always suspicious. For once, men would like them to take a break from their unnecessary doubts and suspicions.

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