14 Interesting Facts about Whisky

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Are you a whiskey lover? If yes, then here are some interesting facts about whiskey you must be aware of.

1. There was a dry law in USA, and consumption of hard drinks was banned. But, people were allowed to have whiskey on the grounds of medicinal properties.

2. Not many people are aware of the shelf life of whiskey. A whiskey bottle without opening tastes the same up to 100 years. But, once opened, the person must to consume it within 5 years.

3. There are some brands of whiskey which contain certain weird chemicals. And the taste of that whiskey is like brunt ass.

4. A true whiskey lover would never add ice to the drink. The taste of whiskey tends to change after adding ice. Regular whiskey drinkers always consume it on the room temperature.

5. Many people consume whiskey in a neat form. They just add a splash of water in the drink to enhance its taste. According to them, whiskey tastes good when it is consumed ‘neat’.

6. The scotch and Irish whiskey is popular all over the world. Though, both the types are made from different processes. There is a difference in the distillation method of the brand.

7. The most famous whiskey’s are classified into five groups all over the world. They are American, Scotch, Canadian, Irish and Bourbon.

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