13 Ways to Bond With Your Grandchildren

8. Make a family tree together

Invite your grandchildren over and make a family tree together. You can draw this tree or use an artificial but small tree for more fun. This will help your grandchildren to understand the value of a family. It will also help them to feel special, and to feel that they are an important part of the family.

9. Attend a special event at your grandchild’s school

A lot of schools invite the students’ whole family to their events. You can use these events to bond with your little ones. Attend their annual day and seminars. Try and speak about your grandchildren on the stage. Don’t say things that will make them feel embarrassed. Just go to the stage and speak why you are a proud grandparent.

10. Share your talent with them

Take out that guitar, clean it and play some sweet tunes to your grandchildren. This can not only encourage the kids to learn a new skill but it can also make you their mentor. Try and teach your special skill to your grandchildren. This will give you various chances to communicate with the kids.

11. Take the kids out to day trips

Take the kids to museum or zoo. You can also prepare lunch, pack it in a picnic basket and have a lunch party in a nearby park. Prepare their favorite dishes, and let them know how special they are.

12. Keep the gender of your grandchild in your mind

Girls and boys really come from two different worlds. Girls like doll houses and fairy tales while boys like cars and sports. So, act according to the age of your grandchildren. Take your teenage granddaughter to a mall and doll her up for a special day. Lend her your pearls and help her look stunning. On the other hand, if you have a grandson, take him to a rail museum and teach him how to skate or ride a bicycle.

13. Be a kid once again

Your grandchildren help you re-live your childhood. There is no better way to bond with them than to be a kid again. So, stop being a grown up with them and act like a kid. Help them sneak out of their bedroom on a Friday night and have ice-cream with them in the kitchen. Buy a big trampoline for your backyard and jump on it with your grandchildren. There is a little kid in all of us. This kid never grows up. So, nourish the kid who lives inside you and encourage this naughty kid to be the best friend of your grandchildren.

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