13 Ways to Bond With Your Grandchildren

13 Ways to Bond With Your Grandchildren

A lot of children don’t find it easy to bond with their grandparents. Nowadays, some kids don’t even find it easy to gel with their parents. Generation gap is a big concern among parents and grandparents. It can actually make adults feel lonely and hurt. Generation gap causes kids to bond with people other than their parents or grandparents. This can be dangerous. People can take undue advantage of the kids who can easily be misguided. Every kid needs right guidance, love, emotional support and a lot of affection to grow. So, if your grandchild doesn’t have a strong bond with you, then check out the following ideas. These ideas may help you bond with them better.

1. Connect with your children first

If you want to have a strong bond with your grandchildren, then connect with your own kids first. Stay in contact with your grandchildren’s parents and understand their schedules. Understand their needs and try to make their lives easier somehow. This will not only help you become a better grandparent but it will also make your own children fall in love with you all over again.

2. Connect with your grandchildren through internet

Nowadays, kids are internet savvy. In fact, they love social networking websites and they love to surf the internet. So, try and learn to use some good social networking websites. Also, make a Skype account to make free of cost audio and video calls. Connect with your grandchildren and children on the internet and enter in their progressive world to become a part of it.

3. Give meaningful gifts to your grandchildren

You should not spoil your grand kids with pricey presents just because you are their grandparent. Instead, create some meaningful presents which let your grandchildren know that you miss them when they are not around. You can arrange a surprise party for them or you can show up at their school to take them to a pizza joint. Send them an e-card on their birthday and visit them with chocolates. All this will not just help you bond with them in a better way, but it will also help you teach them the value of emotional gifts.

4. Make crafts with your grandchildren

Kids are curious by nature. So, you can use this trait and bond with them. You can go to a hobby or craft store and find appropriate activities for them. One of the simplest and easiest craft activities is making scrapbooks with your grandchildren.

5. Listen more and speak less

Each and every one of us needs someone to listen to us. Similarly, a child has a lot of questions to ask and a lot of things to share. So, make sure you listen to your grandchildren more and speak less. Encourage them to talk about their day at school, about the last weekends and all the fun they had back then. This will not only help you know your grandchildren better, but it will also help you groom their personality by showing them the right way.

6. Go to a library with the kids

Visiting a library may sound boring, but you will not visit the library for your thoughtful novels, instead, pick some good books suitable for your grandchildren. Encourage the kids to choose books for themselves. This will help them develop love for reading.

7. Share your memories with your grandchildren

Use pictures and tell your life’s story to your grandchildren. Show them the pictures of their childhood and their parents’ childhood. Share your fondest memories with them, and tell them how proud you are of your whole family.

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