13 Interesting Facts about Stress


Everyone faces stress in life over something or the other. It is practically impossible to ignore stress. Stress causes lots of physical changes in the body. Stress also affects your mental state. Listed below are some interesting facts about stress you should know.

1. Do you know the other name for stress in Latin? It is known as ‘Stringere’. Normal stress affects everyone in life. In its chronic form, it causes various problems in the body.

2. Do you know that when you are stressed out, your pupils actually dilate? It is because your body gets a signal about all that is happening around and the reaction thereafter.

3. Stress can cause hair loss. Stress does not cause gray hair as contrary to belief. But, it does affect your hair pattern and cause hair loss. Well, there are no scientific evidences to prove the same though.

4. Stress also affects your skin. Stress can make you look older than your age. A recent survey proved that stress causes wear and tear of the skin, which affects the skin.

5. Do you know that laughing actually helps to lower the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol? So, when you laugh, you lower your stress in the body. Laughing also helps to increase your health enhancing hormones of the body.

6. Stress affects your acne and pimples. It is a myth that acne is aggravated by sebum production on the skin. Though, this plays a role in aggravating the acne but not like stress. Stress causes inflammation, which increases the sebum production thus affecting your acne.

7. Stress is also known as a silent killer. More and more number of people are getting affected due to stress. High blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes are the three diseases that are caused by stress.

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