13 Exciting Things to Do in 2013

13 Exciting Things to Do in 2013

The world was supposed to apparently end in 2012, but it didn’t. So, in case you have not planned ahead for 2013 and have thought of nothing exciting to do, the following will get you started. Here are 13 exciting things to do in the year 2013.

1. Travel

You never know when the world might end, and you already know that life is fickle. So travel! In the year 2013, make a pact with yourself that you will travel and know as much of the world as you can.

2. Shift your career path

2013 calls for a brand new start. If there is something you have always wanted to be, now is the time to be it. Get the exciting life you have always wanted.

3. Learn Reiki

A little soul searching, a little healing! Get special powers, and use them for the greater good. Peace isn’t as exciting a prospect, but it will calm you down enough to do other interesting things.

4. Experiment Sexually

Add some spice to your life, you never know what you are till you have exhausted every other possibility. What year better than the new year to do the same?

5. Party on every 13th

It is 2013! What is the point if you do not party on the 13th of every month?

6. Make a time capsule

Maybe the world will end in 2014. Dig up your backyard and put a letter to be discovered 1000s of years later.

7. Audition for a musical

Nothing is as exciting as making a fool out of yourself by singing your heart out. Who knows you might even get selected and become the next Jackie Hoffman!

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