12 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Princesses

Things You Didn't Know About Disney Princesses

The Disney princess theme and characters fascinate many young girls. It kind of takes them into their world of fantasy. Listed below are some things related to Disney princesses, read on.

1. The Disney princesses never look at each other in any merchandises which are available in the stores for young girls. All the princesses look in the opposite direction, the reason behind this is not known.

2. A huge team of animators and software developers created Rapunzel’s hair. The length of the hair was more than 7 feet. This made Rapunzel the most loved character of the Disney princess theme.

3. It’s a strange fact, Cinderella never walked without the shoes in the whole Disney princess story. There was just one scene, where she was trying to wear the glass slippers.

4. Most of the costumes in the Disney princess movies remain the same. However, Cinderella and Ariel; were exceptions. They changed their costumes three to four times throughout the movie.

5. Nobody knows the age of the Disney princess in the theme and movies. But, the age of sleeping beauty was revealed in the movie. It was showed that her age is sixteen and she gets married at an early age.

6. All the Disney princesses had their own solo songs in the movie. But, princess Jasmine did not have this option. She just sang a duet song with Aladdin in the movie.

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