12 Signs That You Are In Love With The Wrong Guy

7. He always (and only) talks about himself.
You will always feel inferior with such a guy. You deserve someone better.

8. He always picks on you.
Such guys are just bullies out for fun. Stay away from them.

9. He is always busy on the phone when out on a date with you.
It means the world is more important to him than you.

10. He hardly notices your new dress or any new thing which you possess.
This may mean he isn’t quite interested in you.

11. He is completely different from the guy you always imagined.
Such a relationship would neither be beneficial for you nor for the guy. So, break ties with him.

12. He reminds you of someone else.
If this is the case with you, you must break up with such a guy. The two guys may be completely different from each other and your expectations would never be fulfilled in such a case. It will only cause pain to you and to the guy you are dating.

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