12 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls

12 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls

Not every man likes bold women. A lot of men prefer shy women or women who speak much lesser than those women who speak too much. Shy girls have many qualities that are found super attractive by guys. So, you don’t have to transform yourself into a chatterbox or an outgoing girl if you are a shy girl. You have already got what numerous men die for! Find out why guys like shy girls.

1. Men think that shy girls are less likely to cheat

This may or may not be true but a lot of men think so. A shy girlfriend or wife will enjoy quiet evenings at home. They won’t interact much with people around even if they go out to a party. All this makes many men feel comforted. If a guy has a shy girlfriend at home then he will be less worried about having a long trip away from home than the man who has an extrovert girlfriend at home. A woman who has tons of acquaintances and a large friend circle can be very intimidating for some men.

2. Most guys like challenges

A lot of guys like challenges. Bashful beauties are actually a sort of puzzle that needs to be solved. Some shy girls are hard to get and this makes things more interesting for guys. When shy girls finally open up to guys, it is actually very sweet.

3. Shy girls can keep secrets very well

Most shy girls are very good at keeping their guys’ secrets. Such girls don’t speak much to anyone and they don’t like to gossip too much. A lot of shy girls speak about important things only and don’t beat about the bush. This drastically reduces the chances of letting out the secrets.

4. Guys love to protect their shy girls

Guys are protective by nature. They like to protect their loved ones in some way or the other. Aggressive or bold girls are very confident about their protection. They are independent when it comes to chasing their dreams and getting what they want. On the other hand, shy girls usually don’t tell anyone what they really want or feel. This gives guys a chance to provide comfort to their shy girls.

5. Shy girls are less likely to get their guys into trouble

Aggressive or outgoing girls can be fun but they are more likely to get either themselves or their guys into trouble. They might over share things with people around as they are outgoing. They might let out their guys’ secrets or embarrass them because of the excess sharing.

6. Shy girls are mysterious

Guys really like shy girls who are mysterious. A girl who speaks less or a girl who seems more mysterious is attractive for guys. Such a girl makes a guy want to find out what she is hiding inside of her.

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