12 Mantras To Be Manipulative

12 Mantras To Be Manipulative

Sad as it may sound, but at present, it is a skill to be able to manipulate people, especially the ones under your direct command. It is a great great power to do the same, and what you do with that power is entirely up to you. Here are 12 mantras to be manipulative.

1. Observe

To be good at manipulating, you need to be great at observation. Take a note of everything, and everyone around you. And be subtle about it. And register it to memory. And be real quick at processing what you see.

2. Plan

If you want to manipulate someone, you need to have a solid plan. You need to be sure what you propose will go down well. And you need to be prepared with a backup, and a backup of a backup. You need to be aware of how the other person or group is.

3. Make minions

No one can do everything alone. Either find your partners in crime, or find your minions, people who will always do as you say, and will be glad to do so.

4. Find the ‘linchpin’

Every manipulation you do has a key element, the one thing that you must do so that your plan is a success. Find that linchpin, and manipulate it!

5. Never do the dirty work

Always get someone else to make copies of confidential documents or hack into accounts, or go somewhere where you need to breach security, or even if what you want to do is as simple as starting a rumor. Never let anyone run a trace back to you.

6. Find your strengths

Discover what you are really good at. Is it the scheming, or the convincing, or the talking, or the charming, or the breaking in! Whatever it is, enhance it further, and use it!

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