12 Clear Signs That Your Boyfriend is Not Over His Ex

Are you facing problems in your relationship? It’s perhaps because your boyfriend’s past is haunting your relationship. You need to make sure if he is really involved in you or is still pinning over his long lost girl friend. Here are 12 signs which indicate that your boyfriend is not over his ex.

1. Call you by her name

Does he sometimes slip up? When you are making out or doing things that he would have perhaps done with his ex, he might just slip up and call you by her name. It is more than just a slip up. It could be because he is still thinking about her.

2. Avoids sex

He feels very aloof while having sex; does not make efforts to arouse you, gets easily bored or tired and does not seem involved in love making. These are signs that he still does not feel connected. He is not ready for a relationship yet.

3. Keeps in touch with her

He texts her and calls her as though he is still seeing her. He feels the need to stay in touch in the same manner.

4. Wants to be with her when she is in need

If he comes to know that she is facing a problem, however minor it might be, he would run to her rescue. He will make it a point to still be there for her.

5. He looks lost

Sometimes when you are talking to him, he looks lost as if he is thinking about her, day dreaming and hoping things would still be the same.

6. He draws comparisons

When you do something he does not like, he makes it a point to tell you, how his girl friend would do it- whether it’s about a dish you might have prepared or even compare hair styles and your wardrobe.

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