11 Ways to be Strong After a Breakup

11 Ways to be Strong After a Breakup

Has your previous breakup left you completely miserable? Do you find trouble moving on, because just about everything around reminds you of him? Well, you are not the first person on this planet to be facing such a problem. Breakups can be terribly painful, especially if the relationship lasted for a long period of time. Suddenly, your life feels completely hollow and empty, and you lose sense of everything. However, you need to move ahead, for your own good, so that you can seek happiness again, and lead a good life. Here are some ways to be strong after a breakup, so that you can get your life back on track.

1. Indulge in work

The more you sit idle, the more you are bound to think of your breakup. Hence, the best solution is to be as busy as possible. When you are busy the whole day, you will hardly have time to think about anything else, and by the time you come home, you will be ready to crash, again leaving no scope for you to think of your past. Take your work more seriously, and aim towards being a better professional. That will be a good motivation for you to keep working harder; and in doing so you might even get some appraisals at work.

2. Set a personal goal of happiness

Set a goal about something that will make you happy. The goal could be a holiday, or buying a new car etc. You can try thinking of something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Once you have that goal set, make everything around you work towards that goal, ranging from your personal life to your professional life. Save money, work harder, get a side job, or do whatever it takes for you to reach your goal faster. Streamline your thought process into thinking about only that goal, and nothing else. Gradually, thoughts of your breakup will be replaced with these positive thoughts.

3. Don’t approach him

Come what may, do not try and approach him. That will only make you weaker, and more miserable. With your constant efforts of trying to be in touch with him, he is bound to get irritated, and will end up saying things that will hurt you a lot. Why would you want to torture yourself like that? Be strong, and focus on your individual life.

4. Don’t stalk him

Just because you don’t approach him directly doesn’t mean that you can stalk him. Don’t go over social media websites or connecting with his friends, only to find out he’s made a new girlfriend or not, and how he is coping etc. You need to focus on your life, not on what’s happening in his life. The more pictures you see of him hanging out with his friends, the more you’ll cry, and the cycle of misery will never end.

5. Socialize more

Being alone is what causes most problems. Avoid letting yourself be lonely. Instead, hang out more often with friends, socialize, go for shopping and do other things that you like. Look at it this way – you were never able to hang out so much with your friends earlier when you were dating, because you always used to give preference to your boyfriend. Now, compensate for all the time lost with your friends, and enjoy with them. That will help you take your mind off the serious things in your life.

6. Bond with family

Family is the best comfort-giving source for any problem. Discuss problems with your siblings or parents, whoever you are closest to, and seek their advice. They will not only give you logical advice, but will also go out of the way to cheer you up. What family can do, nobody else can.

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