11 Tips to Look Sexy Without Looking Desperate

11 Tips to Look Sexy Without Looking Desperate

Are you interested in a guy and need his attention? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this article is the right one for you. Every guy is different. They all have different likes and dislikes but they also have some things in common. It can be confusing to act in a specific way to attract a guy’s attention. A lot of women think that every guy gets attracted to women wearing skimpy and revealing clothes but the fact is, not all men like skimpy clothes. These types of outfits can really invite some wrong men. So, if you really want to be the apple of this guy’s eye then try the below mentioned ideas.

1. Flirt like a pro with your words

Flirt with this guy but in a decent manner. Don’t allow your words to let him know that you want to date him as early as possible. Don’t take the flirting too far. Don’t use cheesy words or phrases because this will make you look really desperate. A lot of women don’t flirt because they are scared of rejection. You should flirt regardless of the kind of nature you have. You can say, “That shirt looks great on you” or “You have a good choice when it comes to restaurants.”

2. Don’t make the first move

Let him be the one to ask for a date. Let him ask for your contact number first. A lot of men think that women who initiate the relationship are desperate. If you initiate, you can risk intimidating him. This can ultimately ruin your chances of going out with him. On the other hand, some men like confident women who ask for their number or who initiate. So, if you think that your guy is one of them, then give him subtle signals. For instance you can say, “The weekend is coming up and all my friends are busy. I really wanted to go out this weekend.”

3. Keep yourself approachable when he is around

Don’t stay surrounded by other women or friends all the time. This will discourage your guy from coming up to you and asking for a date. He may be too afraid to speak to you when you are with a group of friends. So, try and sit at a table alone when he is around. You can read or play a game on your phone to look busy. This will give your guy an open invitation to come and sit with you. Don’t forget to smile when he approaches you.

4. Don’t let imagination ride your mind

A lot of women imagine themselves in sexiest of outfits and even wear some of them. Sometimes, some outfits are good for imagination only and not for reality. In order to look sexy, you don’t have to show your skin. All you have to do is wearing clothes that accentuate your positive features. Pick dresses that look good on your skin complexion. Avoid outfits that show too much cleavage. Also, avoid dresses that are higher than just above the knee.

5. Use the power of touch

Touching can really make a man’s heart sing the songs of ‘love.’ It can really send the waves of feelings through his body. So, touch him appropriately once or twice during your meeting. Don’t overdo it because it will make you look desperate. For instance you can gently place your hand on his arm, lean a little towards him and ask, “Do you want something to munch on? I am a little peckish.” If you are at a public place that has loud music or a lot of noise then you can gently touch his wrist for less than 4 seconds and ask, “Can we go to some other place please? This area is a little noisy for me.”

6. Don’t give him too many compliments

Too many compliments can make your guy think that you are desperate. You can tease him a little but don’t say things that can hurt him. Don’t take the teasing too far because this could offend him. You can say things like, “Which perfume are you wearing? It’s good.”

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