11 Things Guys Want Girls to Know

11 Things Girls Want Guys to Know

Guys are relatively very simple creatures. They have uncomplicated needs from all their relationships. If you want to know what your man has always wanted you to understand, read the top 11 points mentioned below.

1. We know modern research has proved that gossip is good for health, but don’t keep gossiping all the time. After a bit, it just makes you look dumb. If you appreciate some other girl, we would actually think that would be really cool.

2. Stop comparing yourself. We are dating you because we like the way you are, along with your shortcomings. The more you keep looking at other girls and comparing them with yourself, the more disgrace you are doing to your own beauty.

3. Keep it natural! Girls look great when they have their makeup and their heels on but you don’t need to dress up every time we go out for a coffee. That makes it kind of embarrassing.

4. Stop being insecure. It is quite a turn off when you don’t radiate confidence and show lack of trust in us. Quit thinking about our relationship breaking up – think more about how you can enjoy the relationship whilst it is there. Most girls typically worry about a problem that does not even exist.

5. We are way more emotional than you think we are. Don’t label us off as “you won’t understand”. Be open and talk out your emotions to us and you’ll see how we warm up to you.

6. We usually mean what we say. When girls say “Please leave me alone”, they expect their boyfriends to come and prod them to spill the beans but when we ask to be left alone, we would really mean that! Don’t expect us to read between the lines. If you want something, ask for it upfront.

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