11 Speed Dating Tips

11 Speed Dating Tips

In this age of everything being fast, why not try speed dating? Something which gets your adrenaline pumping, tests your wit and presence of mind. Let’s understand what speed dating actually is all about. Consider meeting someone online and deciding whether they are worth dating in the first half an hour. Can you imagine that? Well, that’s speed dating for you. Speed dating is an event where people meet each other and have short series of conversations in a brief period of time. The fun part about speed dating is that you only have a few minutes to decide whom you would like to date. To make the best of this, you better have yourself prepared. Apart from having the questions thought out, it is also a good idea to have answers ready so that you know how to hold yourself together when the opposite person replies. It’s no rocket science. Think about the most common types of questions you are likely to be asked and the ones that you would like to ask the opposite person.

1. Be quick

Prepare a short speech for yourself- like a Facebook profile that you could display verbally. Of course, you may be well aware of your own interests but it’s good to not think and fumble in front of your potential date when the time of talking comes. Make sure you sell yourself well in the introduction and highlight some positive aspects of your personality.

2. Appearance

This is to be handled with much care. In a large speed dating event, there will so many well dressed single men and women that to stand out in the crowd will be a tough task. The key is to be yourself. Don’t use excessive makeup or dress in an extravagant way which may turn off your partner. Surely, put efforts in looking good, but don’t overdo it.

3. Smell good

This can be a savior if your looks are not naturally attractive or impressive. If your walking past can leave a great whiff or smell behind, then you’ve already won half the battle! Again, maintain a balance. Don’t go overboard and drowse yourself in two bottles of perfume. Make it just about inviting.

4. Smile

Most of us have been told time and again to keep a smiling face but none of us actually remember it! A smile is an inexpensive element and an asset that will add radiance to your personality. Sometimes, a dull conversation can lit up if there are smiling, open and inviting faces on the table. Be wary of your nervous habits- like biting your nails, tapping your fingers or shaking your feet.

5. Be interested

This is not just about getting a boyfriend. The more you are interested in the opposite person’s personal life, goals, dreams, ambitions, the more successful your speed date will be. In this process, having pre-thought ideas about starting up a conversation will help a lot. And luckily, if the conversation picks up well, you could get talking about sexual compatibility, life plans, religion, previous relationships, resolving fights in the future and so on.

6. Have fun

For most speed dating candidates, it’s all about getting the guy. But it’s also about having fun. Don’t go into an online speed dating session only for the heck of finding a partner. Have a genuine attitude of getting to know people. Ask them some fun questions that will make them roll with laughter. Tell those you are interacting with some fun trivia about yourself. Ask your potential partner about their favorite film stars, favorite wine, their pets, embarrassing moments of their high school re-union, prom night goof ups and so on. This is the best way to break the ice and get the conversations flowing.

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