11 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

11 Signs Your Relationship Is Over
“It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.” – Anonymous

Is the same thing happening with you? When there is no love and passion left in a relationship, you know it is “the end.” Enlisted here are some signs your relationship is over.

1. No bonding

When was the last time you felt affectionate towards your lover? If you do not remember, then there no bonding left. It is better to end the relationship or confront your partner. The change will be visible from both the sides.

2. No communication

Communication plays the key role in maintaining a love relationship. If there is no communication, then the relationship suffers. If you do not share your feelings with him any more, then this could be the beginning of a troubled relationship.

3. Spending time alone

If you like spending time alone rather than spending it with him, there might be a problem. Spending time alone means you are not too keen on meeting him; this could be the end of the road.

4. No physical intimacy

When was the last time you got physical with him? Don’t remember? Then you might not be interested. It is important to evaluate your feelings and know where your relationship is heading.

5. No calls or texts

One sided calls and texts means there is no spark left in the relationship. Is it only you, who texts him or calls him? Then think about your relationship, because this could be the end.

6. No trust

A relationship cannot work without commitment and trust. If you do not trust your partner and you are suspicious about his behavior, then you need to think again. If there is mistrust, the relationship will not last long.

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