11 Health Benefits of Celery

11 Health Benefits of Celery

Green leaves are good for health. Though sadly, many of us prefer taste to health. Celery is one such healthy food item which goes unnoticed. Celery is from the umbelliferai family. Its leaves, stems and roots have numerous nutritional and health benefits. Celery is also a very important medicinal plant with many cures for health ailments. Listed here are a few benefits of celery, hoping you’d start eating it and encourage others to eat it as well!

1. Celery is a very good source of Vitamin A and also gives a rich supply of iron, potassium and other minerals.

2. Many vegetables, as we heard, lose their nutritional value after cooking. However, celery is different and is believed to hold on to 80% of its nutritional value even after cooking.

3. Celery has many post-workout and post-eating benefits. For people suffering from acidity problems, celery is a good liquid that can balance the acidity levels within the system. For athletes who work out most of the while, celery is proved to be a very good rejuvenating drink after the workout session. It fills in all the lost electrolytes and saves the body from dehydration.

4. A very heated up body during blazing hot summers can be cooled up by drinking celery juice 2-3 times a day.

5. A boon to those on diet, drinking celery juice everyday will help them reduce their craving for sweets or any other fattening food items.

6. Celery also has many medicinal values. It helps to lower blood pressure. It also helps in the better functioning of the kidney.

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