11 Awesome Facts to Know About Rock N Roll

Awesome Facts to Know About Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll also known as Rock and Roll was originated as a music genre in the U.S in early 50’s. It was only after the formation of bands, rock music became super popular. Elvis Presley, Jerry lee Lewis and Carl Perkins made rock music a cult genre. Listed below are some awesome facts about Rock N Roll. Read on to know more.

1. Elvis Presley was referred as the supreme king of Rock N Roll. He made the music so popular that it became a cult genre. Even today when people talk about rock music, they never fail to mention Elvis Presley.

2. The song ‘Good morning’, which was quite popular in the rock genre, was created after a commercial. John Lennon wrote the lyrics of ‘Good Morning’ after he watched a commercial on corn flakes. That is really strange, isn’t it?

3. The group ‘UB40’ named their group from a form which was used in the unemployment office in Britain. After brainstorming for many names, they settled on ‘UB40’, which then became really popular.

4. Bob Dylan’s famous song ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ got its name from the famous route in Mississippi Delta. The route is close to his house. The idea just struck him while sitting on the window one day.

5. The famous Rock song by the Nirvana was named after a deo. The song ‘Smells like the teen spirit’ was quite popular when it was released. Strange ideas for great songs! That is the power of rock music.

6. Rock music is incomplete without the craze of Beatles in the scene. Perhaps the biggest rock band ever, Beatles stole the show by giving huge chartbusters in the rock music scene. They were successful in highlighting the social issues through their rock music.

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