10 Worst Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

10 Worst Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Weight loss is on the minds of a lot of women. They try many different ways to lose weight and stay in perfect shape. However, some of the measures taken cause more harm than benefit. Some of these mistakes are best avoided by women.

1. Skipping meals especially breakfast

It is a misconception that skipping meals could lead to loss of weight. If anything it works the other way for two reasons. Firstly, when you starve your body, it tends to adapt quickly, saving fat as a resource for the times when the body is hungry. This means those who skip meals put on weight faster when they start eating at normal levels again. Secondly, the body needs regular small meals as many times as possible to maintain good health. Breakfast in particular should be heavy, as it helps in kick-starting the metabolic processes that digest food and burn the calories.

2. Diet food consumption

Not all foods of the ‘dieting’ variety are actually effective. In fact, some of them contain substances that actually cause calorie build up because of the presence of fillers and sweeteners. Moreover, it is a known fact that diet drinks also tempt you towards junk foods, increasing the craving that one has for unhealthy foods.

3. Improper planning

Setting tough targets might not always be the right way to go about weight loss. If anything, it could lead to disappointment and sometimes even depression ultimately leading to a stage when they let go of all goals. This might result in more binging and fat gain.

4. Approaching dieting with half knowledge

There are women who believe salads are healthy and are a good way of losing weight. However while indulging in salads you may not realize the amount of calories you actually end up consuming in the form of dressings. It could include meat chunks, sauces, cheese sprinkles and a variety of other items to make the salad tasty.

5. Improper calorie count

If you are planning to keep a calorie count, you have to do it properly. Otherwise, it is not much good. You have to make sure you burn more calories than your intake. Even if your calorie count is off by a few hundred calories, you might end up putting on weight. Blind calorie count doesn’t help either.

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