10 Ways You Unknowingly Hurt Your Boyfriend

10 Ways You Unknowingly Hurt Your Boyfriend

It is not that you don’t love him. It’s not even that you are some kind of a sadist who gets turned on when you see him suffer. It is just that your daily life is so stressful that you often tend to neglect your guy’s feelings. Here are 7 ways how you knowingly or unknowingly hurt your boyfriend in the bargain.

1. Refusing to acknowledge him

In a desperate attempt to be secretive about your relationship, you often refuse to acknowledge your boyfriend’s presence when amidst friends. This is an outright insult of your guy’s feelings. It’s very natural of him to expect from you to openly proclaim your love for him. Disregarding him and his feelings in front of others will make him think that you are ashamed of him and you don’t love him.

2. Behaving as if he does not exist

When relationships begin, partners often make every attempt to do sweet things for each other. However, as time passes, they tend to take each other for granted. Your relationship is no exception to this. You too end up paying least attention to your boyfriend’s say at times. Even if it isn’t a regular occurrence, it may make your boyfriend assume that you don’t care for him. From your reactions, he may also conclude that his presence or absence means nothing to you.

3. Choosing your friends over him

When you prefer your friends over your boyfriend, you tend to give him more and more chances to assume that he is unimportant to you. That does not mean, you cut ties with your friends but try to strike a balance. If you still think, your friends come before your boyfriend, you might as well break up with him. You will do him a big favor.

4. Comparing him to other boys

You don’t notice this tendency of yours, but many a times, you do compare your guy with other boys. Don’t ever do that! Respect him for what he is. If you think, he is lacking at something, you do have the authority to advise him. But you certainly don’t have the right to compare him with anybody else, no matter what. This serves as a severe blow to a guy’s self-respect.

5. Shouting at him in front of friends

Be it in front of your friends or someone else, you are not supposed to yell at your boyfriend. If you really love and respect him, you must always raise any issue, which has been pricking you, only when you guys are all alone. Even if you are really mad at him, control your temper. He won’t mind it if you yell at him when it is just the two of you. However, when you do it in front of friends, you’ll be belittling him and hurting him big time.

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