10 Ways To Save Energy At Home

10 Ways To Save Energy At Home

Energy saving seems to be the agenda of the century. After many years, since the first invention of different forms of energies and their respective uses, now human beings have shifted their attention from excess energy usage to energy saving. You don’t have to do a lot for saving energy. In fact, you can contribute to this endeavor by doing simple things at your home itself. You must have heard or read about these measures before but might have never paid attention. Here we have compiled an easy-to-follow list of things that you can do to save energy at home.

1. The first and foremost step towards energy conservation is to use energy wisely. You should switch off the lights before leaving your room and other electric appliances which are not in use.

2. Reduce the thermostat temperature by 1 degree. This won’t affect the room temperature but will surely reduce electricity consumption.

3. Similarly, increase the temperature of your air conditioner by 1 degree. This would save energy and at the same time, keep your home cool but not chilly.

4. Take care of your air conditioner. Ensure its maintenance every year. Also keep changing the filter every month. This improves its efficiency.

5. Use the washing machine only when you have a load of clothes. Or else, stack your clothes for two days and then wash them on the third day. Prepare food and eat it fresh instead of keeping it in the refrigerator and then again heating it. This would also help in reducing frequent use of such appliances like microwaves.

6. Avoid using tumble dryers. Instead, dry your clothes in the sun. It will enhance your clothes’ shelf life.

7. Use non-potable water for irrigating your garden.

8. Use energy efficient electric appliances as they prevent the wastage of energy.

9. Replace electric appliances with solar appliances. For eg, use solar water heater instead of an electric heater or geyser.

10. Go green. It’s one of the most important ways to prevent energy wastage and reduce pollution on earth.

All these steps can help in saving energy and reducing your electricity bills. Try them and feel the difference. Towards the end, it is crucial to note that these simple yet important acts can ensure a safe and healthy future for you and the coming generations. Would you like to leave a dirty and polluted planet, without sufficient energy resources, for your next generations? Think about it and act now.

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