10 Ways to Quit Drinking

10 Ways to Quit Drinking

If you are one of those whose best friend is a bottle of wine or if you know someone who is forever seen loitering around the bar, it might be the best time to quit drinking for all of you. But then it is definitely easier to start drinking than to kick the habit. But fear not, for in the next few lines are hidden the secrets of quitting alcohol. Here are some ways to quit drinking.

1. Throw away the bottles

Don’t have anything that reminds you of alcohol anywhere near you. Not a single bottle of wine or brandy or any drinks that catches your fancy should be lying around in your house.

2. Watch the company you keep

If you are really earnest about giving up drinking, it’s first necessary to stay away from your beer-buddies. Even if someone asks you to join them for a drink, say no!

3. Watch the places you go to

Don’t go anywhere near a pub for some time. The initial days are the toughest so don’t go anywhere near places that remind you of your good old drinking days.

4. Seek support

If you find the urge of drinking too much to handle, look for support from your friends and family. You can take professional help as well.

5. You can do it

Tell yourself these four words every day. After all it’s your life.

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