10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Divorce Proof

10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Divorce Proof

All relationships stand on the basic principles of trust, loyalty and good communication. If you follow these tandems and many more as given below, be rest assured that your marriage will never fall apart.

1. Honesty

Be honest to each other and don’t lie. If you have to pretend then what’s the point of being in a relationship? Even if you want to tell your partner something that you know they won’t like, just muster the courage and tell them rather than complicating the relationship later on.

2. Suspicion

If you have a natural tendency of being suspicious of your partner all the time, try and control that. If your partner starts getting irritated of your suspicious nature, he or she will stop communicating anything to you after some point, which will spell trouble for your relationship.

3. Respect

A couple should respect each other. You have to respect each other’s choice, professions, personalities along with likes and dislikes. As much as it is fun to do stuff that you like together, it is equally important for both to tolerate things that are different in you.

4. Spending quality time with each other

This is crucial in a relationship. Don’t immerse yourself so much into your work that you start taking simple things for granted – for instance, having one meal a day together, going to a cafe on the weekend for a drink or dinner and so on. Be firm on de-cluttering your schedule and making the time for your loved one.

5. Don’t wash dirty linen in public

This includes both extremes – throwing each other cold stares and yelling at the top of your lungs. Even if you have a difference of opinion with each other in front of friends, keep the fight pending until you get to your own home. You can’t afford to put each other down in a verbal argument in front of a third person.

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