10 Ways To Make Someone’s Day

10 Ways To Make Someone's Day

It doesn’t mean that you need to make only that individual’s day who is upset, sad or gloomy. You need to think broadly when you think of making someone’s day. So you can just make any random person’s day by doing simple things listed below. You will actually feel better if you do these tasks.

1. Send a bunch of flowers

You can do this for an old friend whom you haven’t had the chance to catch up with lately. Send him/her flowers with a personal message and your name saying, ‘Hope you have a great day ahead! Let’s meet up some time. – Rebecca’. This can cheer him/her up and make his/her day too. You can even give a rose or lily to a kid on the road. Won’t his/her smile make your day too?

2. Hug him/her

Believe it or not, giving a warm hug to someone really helps a lot. It will make a person feel good and happy. Oh yes, you can also hug someone who is arguing on the phone on the road or appears sad to you at the metro station. But be careful as you don’t want to be misunderstood, right? You can also hug that person and say, ‘Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright.’ Best will be, hug someone you know.

3. Get a card

Buy a card for your friend, relative or coworker. He/she will appreciate your efforts and this gesture of yours will surely make his/her day. You can experiment with the type of card you want to buy for him/her. It can either be a humorous card or have some inspiring message written on it.

4. Smile at him/her

Smiling really helps immensely, not only to the other person but also to you. If you smile often, it helps your facial muscles. Apart from that, when you smile at someone you don’t know, he/she will be puzzled at first, but won’t help smiling back at you. So the saying goes, ‘A smile is contagious.’

5. Buy someone chocolates

C’mon tell us who doesn’t love chocolates? Especially when chocolates are gifted in a nice, fancy package with red ribbons! Chocolates have the natural ability to make someone’s day. You can try a variety of them depending on what the person likes – milky, nutty, fruity, bitter or dark.

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