10 Ways to Make a Guy Smile

10 Ways to Make a Guy Smile

Making a guy smile is not as hard as some people think it is. In fact with some little efforts, you can make a guy smile from ear to ear. After all who would not like to smile and especially when someone is putting in hard work to do so. There are many ways to bring a flashing smile to a guy’s face and we are here to shed light on some of them. These easy methods will help you bring in some happiness and smile into your guy’s life.

1. Just like complimenting a girl on her dressing sense and looks brings a 1000 watt smile on her face, complimenting guys also brings the same result. If you want to see a smile on a guy’s face, try praising him for his dressing sense and hairstyles. He will definitely like it and smile in return.

2. Everybody likes to comforted during hard times. If you find your guy facing some troubles, then hug him and make him feel comforted. This will lessen his burden and bring a nice smile on his face. An effort full of love and care will never go waste.

3. Some healthy flirting might also help in brining a smile to your guy’s face. If you want to see your guy smile and be happy then show him that you love him by some gestures like holding hands or a hug. These loving moves surely leave a good impact on guys.

4. Just like girls can spend their entire day shopping, guys can spend their days watching or playing games. Hence it will really make your guy happy if you take interest in what he is interested in, at least once in a while. You can accompany him while he is out for a match or watching a game on television.

5. In order to keep your guy all happy and smiling, it is important to make him feel important. You can do so by sharing your feelings with him. Plus do not neglect him while you are with your friends. Make him feel special at all times and you will never miss the smile on his face.

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