10 Ways to Impress Your Coworkers

Ways to Impress Your Coworkers

Your workplace is an important place for you because you spend a major chunk of the day there. Everyone wants to impress people and colleagues at workplace so as to gain more popularity and respect. Here’s a list of 10 ways in which you too can impress people at your workplace:

1. Dress smartly

Dress right and in a smart way to make the right impression. A sharp, crisp and professional dress makes you look smart and impressive.

2. Remember names

This seemingly small habit can make you very popular at your workplace. People appreciate when you care enough to remember their names.

3. Be friendly to all

The best way to impress people at your workplace is by projecting an image of ‘friendly to all, enemy to none’.

4. Do not encourage group politics

At a workplace it’s very common to get involved in group politics, but if you truly want to stand apart, then you must not encourage group politics. The key is to remain involved and know what’s happening, but at the same time remain smart and mingle with all.

5. Use ‘thank you’ generously

‘Thank you’ – these two magic words will take you straight to the hearts of people. Use them generously.

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