10 Ways To Have A Happy Relationship

10 Ways To Have A Happy Relationship

A healthy relationship does not form out of nowhere. It requires a lot of patience, efforts and most importantly, the desire to be together. If a relationship lacks any of these components, the chances of that relationship breaking up are high. Here are some ways to have a happy and healthy relationship.

1. Communication

Communication breaks barriers and brings people together. Do you know what your partner needs from you? Many a times, it so happens that we assume that our partner knows what we need from them. The fact may be that our partner is blissfully unaware of our needs. This may cause anger and frustration in our mind and soon we enter into an argument with our partner. If you do not communicate regularly with your partner about everything that involves both of you, your relationship may suffer. Do not expect your partner to know and do the right thing. You need to open up and speak out what you want and not expect your better half to read your mind. Even if a couple has spent decades together, good communication is a must to maintain a healthy relationship. It is very difficult to go on with life together if one person is totally unaware of what is on the other one’s mind. Lack of communication may cause misunderstandings and differences.

2. Ego

Ego is often misinterpreted as self-respect of a person. However, there is a very thin line that separates the two of them. Ego is a factor that ruins a relationship. For nurturing a healthy relationship, both the partners would have to put their egos aside. Many times, in a relationship, tempers flare up and arguments take place. In such a case, if one person has an inflated ego and cannot put the differences aside, the relationship will slowly degenerate and ultimately break. People with huge egos may also have a selfish streak about them which is very harmful for the relationship. A relationship remains healthy only when we think beyond ourselves and think about our partner.

3. Superiority

Many people have a feeling that they are way better than their partner. They feel that they deserve a much better partner. They also believe that the present partner is a compromise. A relationship is a matter of choice and not chance. Two people come together only when they have a mutual connect. Sometimes, one partner nurtures a wrong sense of superiority and degrades the other partner with mean comparisons. Such people need to think about why they are in the relationship in the first place. If you feel that your partner is subservient you and you ought to have someone better in life, it would be better to leave the person you are with and spare them the feeling of inferiority. Respect is a key ingredient of a relationship and without this, it is difficult for a relationship to survive.

4. Stand up to and for each other

In a relationship, it is very important to stand up for and stand up to each other. Your partner is your better half and would be the first person you would go to for support. The same applies in their case also and you must ensure that you stand up for them as and when they need your support. You must be ready to shield your partner from the bad elements and stand behind them like a pillar, they can rest back upon. However, not everything your partner does is necessarily right and that is when you must stand up to them. You must make your partner aware of their mistakes. This increases the self respect of both the partners.

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