10 Ways to Get Knowledge

10 Ways to Get Knowledge

The quest for knowledge is endless. You may live for a hundred years and still know only a fraction about the world. So how are we supposed to make the most of our time and instead of idling around gain some precious knowledge in life? Well, for most people nowadays their search for knowledge begins and ends with the Internet. Give them a word and they will ‘Google’ it; ask for a report and they will rush to Wikipedia for data; ask them about movies, there is ‘imdb’. But knowledge does not end there. There is a treasure house of knowledge waiting to be discovered for those who seek for it in the right places. Some of these sources of knowledge might seem prehistoric to the gadget gurus, but try them and you will amazed by the knowledge you gain from them. Listed here are 10 ways to get knowledge.

1. Books

Yes, you read it right. Though going to a library or bookshop is recommended, if it sounds too much for you, an ebook is good enough. But no ebook reader can replace the enthusiasm you feel when you hold the latest hardcopy of a bestseller and the smell that its pages emanate.

2. Travel

Get out of your house and go see the world. Just browsing through pictures of the pyramids will never give you the ethereal feeling you will have when you look at them with your own eyes.

3. People

Every person is unique and so is their knowledge. Meet new people and share your experiences. You cannot imagine how much you will learn this way.

4. Experience

It is said that with age comes wisdom. Life teaches us what no books or computers can teach. Experiences in the real world can give us what bookish knowledge cannot provide.

5. Movies

Though your teachers would rather tell you to spend your days toiling over their assignments and your parents would seldom encourage you to go to the cinemas to catch the latest flick, but movies have a lot to teach you as well. They are just like books, your choice finally determines what you learn, so choose well and gain knowledge along with entertainment.

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