10 Ways to Deal with a Spendthrift Boyfriend

10 Ways to Deal with a Spendthrift Boyfriend

Luxury is what everyone wants. People earn to have a decent standard of living. Everyone shops and spends on luxury but some men spend more than they should. Squandering away the hard earned money in exorbitant clothing items or other things can be dangerous for the future. So, if you have a boyfriend or husband who spends too much then your future might not be financially stable. Here are some tips that might help you to deal with a spendthrift boyfriend.

1. Don’t raise your voice and argue

It can be really upsetting to see your partner spend away the money that could be used in a much better way. A lot of women argue and raise their voices when their partners spend too much. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by women. Finances are one of the major issues over which a couple fights. Before you start to yell, tell yourself that can’t actually change someone else by raising the voice. Yelling or blaming can wake up your partner’s ego and tell him that he is the one who earns and he has every right to spend his money the way he wants to. Nothing will be more painful than these sentences if he speaks them to you. So, stay calm and use the below mentioned ideas to turn him into a more frugal person.

2. Discuss about the future

Sit down with a pen and a notepad this weekend and set some long-term financial goals with your partner. Wear a smile and ask him what all he wants to do in life. Jot down your combined desires. Now, choose the most important goals and arrange all of them in a descending order. Include things like buying a home, saving money for college and retirement dreams in the list. Talk about having kids and how you want them to have the best of everything in life. Have a pleasant discussion about the kind of future you want to have with him.

3. Try and adjust with your spouse

If your boyfriend is spending his money too generously for several years then it might take several months for him to become a frugal spender. So, have patience and try to compromise with his spending habits. Tell him that you guys need to spend less because only then, your future will be bright. Don’t take all his pricey items away. Strike a deal with him, telling him that he can buy one Armani suit and the three others can be more affordable.

4. Talk in a tone that doesn’t sound accusing

Men hate being accused of anything. So, avoid hurting his ego and use a tone that’s more subtle. For instance instead of saying, “You spend too much on junk food and now because of this, we might not have a decent bank balance,” you can say “So, we spend this much amount on junk food every month. What if I start cooking healthy meals at home more often? I can hit the internet and get some good recipes for you.”

5. Arrange for an automatic withdrawal system from your pay check

Make savings automatic and ask your bank to put a specific amount from your pay into a savings account every single month. This will help your boyfriend to understand that the leftover cash is not extra money but it is your saving. Encourage him to consider the monthly saving as a bill that has to be paid every month no matter what.

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