10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

6. Visit an orphanage/old age home

Thanksgiving is all about expressing your gratitude to God and those close to you. But what about people who have no family, friends or relatives? You and your family can make someone else’s Thanksgiving special by visiting an orphanage and taking some homemade goodies for the children. You can also spend some time with the elderly and take a meal for them.

7. Donate

There is nothing better than the joy of giving. You can also help someone in need by donating clothes, money, food, toys or anything that would be useful to someone else. Tell all your family members to contribute.

8. Encourage your children to contribute

Your children should also learn to help others early on in their childhood. Thus, you need to encourage them to help others too. Take them along with you to the orphanage and tell them to give their toys to children there. But explain them why you are doing so. It would be useless to see them grumble and give their clothes or toys to other children. Make them realize why this is important.

9. Make a chronicle

This is just like making a scrapbook. Collect all your family member’s photos from last year and dedicate one page to each family member on the scrapbook. Your family can then write their thoughts about each family member and why they are thankful to him/her.

10. Read about the history of Thanksgiving

What’s the point of celebrating Thanksgiving every year with much pomp and grandeur, if you don’t know the purpose behind it’s beginning? Hence, collect some articles and read about the history and real meaning of Thanksgiving to your family.

These are some ways in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving with your family.

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