10 Ways To Break The Ice With A New Guy

10 Ways To Break The Ice With A New Guy

Breaking the ice between you and the another person is surely not rocket science. But, it is also not something you can do without the application of mind. The idea here is to be creative. You cannot come up with a line that has been used for centuries and expect the person to feel comfortable talking to you. You may come across as a person who is desperate to talk to him. They say the first impression is the last impression. Hence, it is very important to come up with a line that is spontaneous, witty and original. Here are 10 ways to break the ice between you and the person you admire.

1. ‘Hi’ followed by a warm smile

Though it sounds very simple, it can be very effective. If you have a great smile, use it to your advantage. Walk up to him and greet him. Charm a person with one of your best smiles.

2. Talk about the weather

This is one of the best ways to stir up a conversation with almost anyone. There is always something to talk about the weather. ‘Isn’t it cold?’ or ‘God! It’s hot.’ are some examples.

3. Ask a common friend to introduce you

If you share a common friend with him, breaking the ice will be easy. Make sure that your common friend talks about you very tactfully and does not leave a trace of doubt that it was done on purpose.

4. ‘Have we met before?’

This can be later followed by something like, ‘Oh, you resemble someone (or an old friend) so much. You must meet them.’ After this, you can have the rest of your conversation stirred along.

5. The ‘Ask-for-help’ method

Now you have to do this well. Some amount of acting skills would help. Act as if you accidentally dropped something down, like a bundle of books or a bunch of pens. Do this when you are close to him. He would naturally try to help you. You can start a conversation from here. If he doesn’t bother to help, you seriously shouldn’t be trying to talk to him.

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