20 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Husband

20 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Husband

You want to make this Valentine just as special as you made it last time, don’t you? Then we have just the right ways to make it last. After all, every Valentine is a reminder of the love that you share for each other. It’s a bond that you share with your husband and wish to hold it intact forever and Valentine’s day is a lovely occasion to commemorate your love. These are 10 Valentines gift ideas for husband.

1. Personalized grooming kit

A grooming kit can be a special way to show your husband your love and care for him. A grooming kit can include various beauty and health care items such as shaving foam, razor, shampoo and other toiletries. If you want to make it more fancy, then you can even include perfumes or deodorants, bath oils, shower gels, loofah, etc.

2. Office accessories

Office accessories like monogrammed pen stands, photo frames, leather bags, dresser sets, business card holders, paperweights are such great items to gift for Valentine. There are also many items besides these that your man could make use of at his office. If you personalize the one accessory that you’re going to gift him, it will be even better.

3. Love letter

Whoever said writing love letters was cliché? Writing your husband a Juliet-styled love letter is anything but cliché. We seem to have forgotten the magic of words and a simple sheet of paper. So get a pen and write a love letter to your husband. For more drama, burn the sheet slightly from the borders.

4. Love book

Prepare a love book containing the 10 or 20 or the number of reasons you can think of why you love your husband. Write down all these reasons and make a fancy book of these or get it digitally printed.

5. Scrumptious dinner

No man would ever deny the fact that they love it when their wives/girlfriends cook something especially for them. Relive the magic of your first dinner date together by cooking those exact things that you had. Otherwise, you can also make a few of his favorite dishes.

6. Relaxing massage

Give him a relaxing back or foot massage. Get some scented oils to enhance the effect. After working so long for you, pamper him and make him feel special.

7. 2-heart keychains

These are 2 keychains that have half a heart on each ring. So you can gift your husband one half and keep the other half with yourself. Have the keychain on your house keys to show that you both are always in each other’s mind and heart.

8. Romantic getaway

Plan a romantic getaway for him. The best option would be to go to the quiet countryside or any place that’s calm and free of chaos. Spend some quality time there with your husband.

9. Jar full of messages

Write messages on small bits of paper of the same size. You can write anything from ‘I love you because..’ to romantic mushy messages or even make love coupons. Whatever you choose to write, do it. Then fold the bits of paper and keep them in the jar one on top of each other and gift this to him on Valentine’s day.

10. Make chocolates, cookies and more

If your man has a sweet tooth, bake lots of chocolates for him. Make some heart shaped cookies too. Make it a special ‘Valentine’s Bake-A-Day’ where you both spend the day at home. There treat him to an assortment of chocolates, cookies, brownies made by you just for him!

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