17 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

17 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

So February is round the corner and we know what you have been waiting for – Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? All around cupid’s disciples are wondering and pondering over what gift they shall get their boyfriend this Valentine. So here are some gift ideas to help you out. Listed here are Valentine’s gift ideas for boyfriend.

1. Love coupons

Gifting love coupons are a romantic way to show your guy how much you love him. These coupons can include things like massage, having a shower together, going for a dinner date at the beach at midnight (you need to make prior arrangements for this), 10 kisses everyday for a month or cooking his favorite dinner. The ideas are limitless; go creative and romantic, of course!

2. Love story book

A love story book will have the love story of you two, of course. Write down your love story in a scrapbook and decorate it with your pictures. You can also make it fancy and artful by attaching ribbons, stickers to it. But the main aim of this book is your love story. Write it from your heart and it will come out beautifully.

3. Photo album

There are two ways to make a photo album. You can either make a digital one or stick photos traditionally on a scrapbook and decorate it as you want. You can also have a theme to it. For instance, having ‘Our Firsts’ theme where you can stick pictures of your first date, first chat, first kiss, first time you held hands, first time you went for a movie or the movie tickets, your first Valentine and so on.

4. Gift baskets

Gift baskets are another great way of expressing your love and care for your boyfriend. Gift baskets can include anything from health care items to chocolates to fruits or gourmet food. Decide on one collection and stack up items related to that. He will surely appreciate your little, sweet gesture.

5. Couple T-shirts

These couple T-shirts are really cool when you both wear them together. This is because they fit like a puzzle – there is a half heart on the left side of one tee, while the second tee has the other half on its right. They are available in a variety of colors and you can buy your or his favorite color. But white or black are the coolest choices for Valentine’s gift ideas.

6. Chocolates

Chocolates are so mouth watering that the sight of them melts our hearts. So why not gift your boyfriend chocolates this Valentine? You can get thousands of options online like homemade chocolates, Belgian chocolates or a mix of different types of chocolates. If he likes a particular brand of chocolates, then you can gift him those such as Ferrero Rocher or Baklava.

7. Heart shaped frame

A heart shaped frame with a picture of you two is another great gift for Valentine. Capture a funny or romantic moment and place it in the frame. He is sure to keep it on his desk at work.

8. Personalized mug

A personalized mug can have a variety of options like having the photo of you two printed on it. You can also print out a personal message by you or a romantic quote. If you like, write out a sweet poem for him and get it printed out on the mug.

9. Personalized desk items

There are other gift items that you can give him too. These are gifts and can even be of daily use in his office. Some of these items include mouse pads, calendars, pen stand, engraved pen, etc. However, personalize it for him. For instance, print a photo of you both on the mouse pad, the calendar can have each month having a picture of you two and what you did in that month last year, engrave his initials on the pen stand and the pen. Won’t he love flaunting these amazing, personalized gifts from you?

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