10 Unique Ideas To Propose

A proposal is one of the most important memories of someone’s life. No matter how old a marriage is, the memory of the proposal is such that one cherishes and remembers it for entire life. Every minute detail of the proposal is important as it would eventually sum up to the most important question of your life. Marriage is a symbiotic relationship where it is very important to show your love for your partner. A proposal is all about expressing your feelings in words and in actions. These are ten ideas for a proposal that you might be planning.

1. Use the sky to your advantage

The best possible way to propose is to use the sky as a canvas and express your feelings. If the right efforts are taken and things are planned well in advance, you could be very well heading to make it the most special moment of your life. If spending money is not a constraint, you could have your proposal written on the sky. Have an airplane fly with that banner for you. You could also have someone set fireworks at the moment you propose or have your message with your partner’s name in the night sky. However, care must be taken that the day is a clear one or the plan of the proposal may turn out to be a flop. It will be a good idea to check out with the weather station and local authorities for permissions.

2. Take your partner to places symbolizing love

Imagine their ecstasy when you ask your partner the most important question of their life amidst the backdrop of a monument symbolizing love. Places all over the world like the Taj Mahal, Venice and the Eiffel Tower are some of the most romantic venues. These places are symbols of love. The venue of the proposal plays a very important role in making it memorable as it adds up to the mood and sends the sparks flying between the lovers. Go on a vacation and propose there.

3. Light up their doorstep

Though it sounds the easiest of all the ideas, it is indeed one of the most difficult one as it takes a lot of prior planning and a lot of personal effort. The idea is to light up their doorstep with candles. The arrangement of the candles should be such that they spell out your big question. Somewhere amidst the brightness of the candles will be the box containing the ring. To make it seem better, have the candles surround the box having the ring and leave the lid open so the ring gleams in the light of the candles. However, the arrangement has to be done in secrecy to make it a a big surprise to them.

4. Make use of advertisements

There are so many modes of advertising that would ensure that your message is delivered to your partner. You could give a big advertisement with both your names written clearly and your question. They would get a surprise early in the morning and the effort would make them feel on top of the world. However, it is important to find out about the newspaper they read. You should give this idea a miss if your sweetheart is not into newspapers as your effort might just go unnoticed. The second technique is to have a local movie theater play your proposal before the movie starts and right after the advertisements are done. You could pick them up early and then go down on your knees when the proposal plays. In this case, make sure you both reach the theater on time or the effort will be wasted. The last one is to have your proposal written on a billboard and then slowly attract attention to it, when both of you are driving past the area. Your partner will surely succumb to your love.

5. Try your luck at the airport

Propose to them at the airport. If you know that they are arriving by a flight, take advantage of that. Have a few buddies come together to help you through this one. Make either one large banner with the question written on it, or make small pieces with one person carrying a single letter. Either ways make sure that you are right at the end of the line holding the question mark and sporting that innocent look. They might be surely surprised and pleased by this one.

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