10 Types Of Men To Stay Away From

10 Types Of Men To Stay Away From

In today’s world, love is surely a game. And in this game, if you don’t play smart, you are sure to lose. Bad! Here are 13 types of men to stay away from:

1. The Player

This guy loves to play with love. For him, everything is a game, including you. If he keeps playing with your emotions all the time, changes his mind at the snap of fingers and is totally unpredictable and unreliable, you could be dating the player!

2. The Emotional Fool

If you find him constantly making a big deal out of everything you do, not trusting you at all and resorting to emotional blackmailing as a way to get his way done all the time, you are probably caught up with an emotional fool. Such a guy is a pain in the neck.

3. The Gold-Digger

This guy is after your money. Your love means nothing to him. He asks too many personal questions about your financial position, expects you to get him presents all the time or spending money on him. This clearly shows that he is a gold- digger.

4. The Philanderer

This guy is a Casanova. He is so used to changing his girlfriends, that he just cannot stay loyal to one person even if he wants to. If a guy keeps cheating on you over and over again, there is no doubt that you are with a philanderer.

5. The Abuser

Abusing should never be tolerated, be it verbal or physical. As a girlfriend, it is your right to demand respect. There is certainly no excuse for him to abuse you. Such a guy is a strict ‘no-no’.

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