10 Top Activities Your Kids Will Love

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With kids around, your constant thoughts are how are you going to complete the truckload of chores, how are you going to keep them occupied, will these activities be safe for the little ones, how will you spend time with them and loads of other doubts. Here is a simple list of some activities that your kids will love.

1. Cooking/baking

Interestingly, once a mom or adult only territory can now be extended to little ones. Today, there are more safe and child friendly tools and equipment that you can give your child to whisk, chop or mix. Introduce them to different textures, colors, objects and foods. This activity reduces your chores, allows you to spend quality time with them and teaches them a lot more things than many other single activities.

2. Spinning a yarn

This is an activity for kids that love stories and that practically is pretty much the entire community. You usually read out a story from a book or the computer for your children. This time, create one of your own. Ask them about what they would like to listen to and create a story that fancies their imagination. Subsequently, toss the ball into their court. Let them create a story and narrate it to you. Children have a more vivid imagination than you and so help them enhance their creativity.

3. Writing a letter

This may be an age old tradition but is very charming and educative. If your child is old enough to write simple sentences, help him or her draft a simple and short letter to someone special with all that he or she wants to say. These are treasures for life. Also, they help enhance your child’s vocabulary and improve gross motor skills.

4. Narrating stories with photos

You possibly have a big stock of old and new photos. Pick interesting ones that have a story and narrate it to your child as you show the pictures.

5. Going on a treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is always a fun game. And you can make it even more fun with children around. You can play this game with a small group of children or even one child. Even something as humble as chocolate or a simple toy as the treasure will thrill them beyond doubts as they scavenge your home for the elusive gift.

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