10 Tips to Run Better

10 Tips to Run Better

Running is a good exercise, even if you are not competing in a marathon or a race. When done properly, it helps burn calories faster and helps make you fitter. However there are a few tips that you have to follow to be safe and not get hurt in the process.

1. Run slowly

Set a pace for yourself and take it slow. Even if you do compete in a marathon or participate in one, start running slowly. It is also important to set a pace and maintain it. Changing speed constantly will only tire you out quickly.

2. Run on a soft surface

Running already puts stress on your knees and this stress is magnified when you run on a hard surface like concrete or tar. Run on sand or on the beach.

3. Run with a group

You are more motivated when you run in a group. You tend to be punctual and run regularly when you know you have people waiting for you. You also push yourself further to keep up with them.

4. Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks when you are running. It is important to prevent hurting your muscles and ligaments.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water when you are running. You sweat a lot when you run and lose a lot of water; hence it is important to stay hydrated.

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