10 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe From Hackers

10 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe From Hackers

With Internet scams increasing by the day, it’s really important for you to be safe online, especially on social networking sites like Facebook. Here are tips that will help you to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers.

1. Have a strong password

One of the most common routes used by hackers to gain access to your account is by guessing your password, so make sure you have a good one. Generally, it’s safer to have 10-12 characters, and mix upper and lower cases, as well as include numbers. Make sure your password isn’t something as obvious as your date of birth or your child’s name. Just as important is to ensure you do not share your password with anyone. Also, do not write your password down in apparent places like your work diary or the inside of your wallet

2. Avoid accessing Facebook from public computers

Apart from the obvious danger of public computers remembering your password, it is also highly possible that you forget to sign out of your account while leaving, thus placing your account at risk. The Facebook One Time Passwords application ensures that your password will not be remembered by the computer.

3. Fake login pages must be religiously avoided

These may be a ploy by hackers to save your email address and password. Hence always login only through the official Facebook welcome page, that is, www.facebook.com.

4. Never forget to log out

It might not matter much if you are using your personal computer, but this error carries an almost certain risk of getting hacked if you were to be using a public computer.

5. Do not display your full birth date

This being an important feature of identification, can make it easier for hackers to gain access into your account.

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