10 Tips to Give the Best Back Massage

10 Tips to Give the Best Back Massage

There is nothing more relieving than a back massage when your back hurts. It doesn’t just physically alleviate the pain but also boosts you emotionally and fills you with a sense of happiness and satisfaction. While a professional can do it best, he may not be affordable or accessible every time you need a back massage. This is when learning the art of giving the best back massage becomes important. Here are some tips to give the best back massage.

1. Get the recipient ready for the massage

Ask the recipient to lie down on his or her tummy with eyes closed. The legs must be stretched out straight but in a relaxed manner. Make sure the arms are slightly away from the body and loosely placed.

2. Get ready for the massage

You should stand by the side of the individual and place one hand at the base of the neck and the other at the base of the spine gently. Stay in this position for a few minutes before proceeding with the actual massage.

3. Use a good lubricant

A lubricant is important in a massage and it acts as a medium between your hands and the other person’s body/skin. Oil is often considered the best back massage medium. Oil has to be poured in the hands of the person performing the massage and not directly on the skin of the individual receiving the massage. With oil in your hands, make sure your rub your palms together before application on the back. This motion also helps to warm the oil.

4. Use the perfect massage strokes

There are different motions in which your hands can move along the back in order to get the best results. Sweeping motions are the best ways to relieve pain from the back.

5. Make sure the recipient is comfortable

Make sure the recipient is comfortable and ask them to inform you if any movement is painful or uncomfortable.

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