10 Tips On How To Improve Your Skin

10 Tips On How To Improve Your Skin

It’s always difficult to maintain your skin, isn’t it? It might be because you always want your skin to glow just like it had when you were a kid. But later on somehow your skin lost its glow and you also feel it isn’t healthy anymore. You don’t need to worry now, for you have come to the right place that will lead you to having a better skin.

1. Drink red wine, green tea

If you love these two drinks, then you are on your way to getting healthy skin. Red wine and green tea both help prevent the formation of wrinkles on your skin. So having these drinks will help your skin as well as face to look more fresh. Also, red wine enhances the blood flow and gives you glowing skin too. One glass of red wine at dinner or 2-4 cups of green tea in a day will just be fine. But, have both of these in moderation.

2. Increase your intake of vitamins

Vitamins are essential for your body to work well and efficiently. So, you should have more of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vitamin A helps in repairing your skin and also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays just like Vitamin E does. The best sources of Vitamin E are nuts and fortified cereals among others, while Vitamin A can be found in sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots, etc. Vitamin C makes your skin firm, so you can eat lots of strawberries, lemons, sweet pepper and the likes.

3. Eat whole grains

Eating whole grains will help you to avoid wrinkles by making your skin firm. Another way to prevent the aging process is to eat tuna, wheat germ, crabs or Brazil nuts as all these food items contain selenium which is known to prevent aging. It also protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water everyday will keep your skin healthy and also maintain that glow of your skin. This is because water hydrates and rejuvenates your skin. It removes the toxins from your body which make your skin dull.

5. Never sleep with makeup on

Whatever you do, you should never forget to remove all your makeup before you go to sleep. However late you may come home from a party, you should cleanse your face properly. Make sure that you use a cleanser to remove all of the makeup otherwise your skin will look very dull and also seem to sag in the morning.

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