10 Tips on How to Become a Professional Photographer

10 Tips on How to Become a Professional Photographer

Photography can be a great hobby and if you’re lucky, a rewarding career. To get it right, you need to know the trade. We give you some great tips on how to become a professional photographer.

1. Rule of thirds

Rule of third or also sometimes referred as rectangle rule could transform your photography. These rules concentrate on the subject’s position. Draw a tic tac toe virtually and place the subject between the intersecting gridlines within the frame.

2. Be aware of moments

A photographer has to be alert and sharp enough to sense the subject’s next move. Most of the established professional photographers spend a lot of time researching on subject behavior and also follow the subject for a good amount of time to get the right picture. Also accidental moments can become great photographs, being aware and prompt can be very useful.

3. Angles work wonders

Angles can make a huge difference. Get closer and tilt your camera downwards upon a kid or tilt upwards to showcase a statue. Camera angles reflect personalities and deliver varied pictures.

4. Get closer

Capturing details is a must. For instance while covering a festive gathering, try photographing religious sentiments of people and the traditions they carry out. Make sure you get enough close-ups to convey the feel of the subject.

5. Get further

It’s a folly committed by most photographers, as they merely tend to look from a closer perspective. From time to time the photographer should get out of the crowd and take a picture from a vantage point. Large gatherings, festival celebrations and landscape should preferably be shot with a wide angle lens.

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