10 Times Paris Hilton Proved That She’s a Bimbo

10 Times Paris Hilton Proved That She's A Bimbo

A bimbo is a brainless and moronic woman, who wears layers of makeup and fashionable clothes but knows nothing beyond that. In short, she is beauty without brains. There are many bimbos out there but the one who crowns all is Ms. Paris Hilton. She is a millionaire who places her hand on anything and everything just to be in the limelight. She shows her dumbness to the fullest. There are numerous times when Paris Hilton has proved herself to be a bimbo and here’s a glimpse of those 10 times when Paris Hilton proved that she is a bimbo.

1. ‘Master of all, jack of none’ is one phrase that best suits Paris Hilton. She has tried her hands at acting, singing, modeling and writing but hasn’t been successful at anything. Just to be in the news, she switches over many professions.

2. In 2011, she suddenly walked out of an interview just because the interviewer asked her questions that were beyond her capability!

3. If you know something is banned in a particular country, will you go to the same country and have that tabooed thing in public? Well, Paris will. That’s precisely what she did in the soccer World Cup final in South Africa! She indulged in marijuana right there in the stadium, in a country where smoking marijuana in public is against the law. Perhaps she did that to get media attention, because everyone knows she has zero knowledge about the game, forget enjoying it!

4. She was listed as the “Most Overrated Celebrity in The World” in the 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records. Isn’t this record enough to prove her dumbness quotient?

5. In one of her interviews, Paris Hilton said, “the ‘Paris Hilton’ we all see in front of the cameras is just a character she’s invented”. By quoting such things, don’t you think she’s herself showing how dim-witted she is? After all, who would portray herself as a fool before the media!

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