10 Things Your Boyfriend Can Do To Make You Happy

 10 Things Your Boyfriend Can Do To Make You Happy

We girls generally like simple things. But, our guys often fail to understand our hints and presume that we are a hungry breed who perennially pine for gifts. But, our love and our expectations are way beyond gifts. Don’t you agree girls? Here are 10 simple things that your boyfriend could do to make you happy. If he doesn’t practice any of these things, you may simply ask him to read this article and let him do the needful!

1. Compliment and appreciate you

You may often feel insecure about the relationship if he forgets to show you that you are important to him. Hence, he must never forget to shower you with sweet compliments and appreciate you for the little things you do for him. He must never let you feel that he is taking you for granted.

2. Make you laugh

Humor solves all problems. A guy with a good sense of humor is an instant turn on. We girls love boys who can make us laugh even when we are gloomy. Isn’t it? A good laughter just adds to the chemistry in the relationship.

3. Treat you like a princess

Be it planning surprises for you or getting you something you really want, if he does everything possible to make you feel special, you’ll surely feel like being on the seventh heaven. He must shower you with lots of attention and make you feel like a princess. It will surely brighten your day.

4. Be honest and faithful

There is certainly no excuse for infidelity. No matter what, a guy must always be honest with his girlfriend. Trust once broken is very difficult to get back. He must never cheat on you. He must give you his honest and true advice when you ask for it.

5. Trust you

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Your guy must always show you that he trusts you. He must believe what you say. Even if he doesn’t, he must show you that he does. He must always motivate you to achieve your dreams and never put you down. He must share personal things with you and show you that he trusts you.

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