10 Things You Must Never Put Up On Social Networking Sites

10 Things You Must Never Put Up On Social Networking Sites

With the dawn of the popularity of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, the world is become smaller and compressed. The youths are under constant pressure in order to ensure that they have the coolest profile on these social networking sites. Right from display pictures, to wall posts and status messages, they spend hours trying to create a image for themselves. This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can easily brag about the most awesome things about yourself on these websites so that world knows about it. One disadvantage is that sometimes by getting carried on by emotions, youngsters tend to make a total fool of themselves on these websites and the whole world knows about it. The other disadvantage is that they may also end up in a lot of serious trouble. The fact remains that the disadvantages outweighs the advantages. Here are 10 things you must never put up on social networking sites to stay safe or if your image is important to you.

1. Conversations

For the last time, walls on social networking sites are meant to play and tease and share stuff with everyone. Conversations are meant to be private and are supposed to be staying in your inbox. Do not, start a conversation with a friend on their wall or on your own. Because when you do, you are automatically inviting the whole world to read what maybe your private conversation.

2. Heartbroken Status’

Your real friends who care about you are the ones you meet in real life, not the ones who are on your friend list on social networking sites! So whether your boyfriend has dumped you or your crush is acting like a total douchbag, they really don’t care! Uploading status about how flabbergasted you are or how painful your life is, on these social networking sites is not going to give you any sympathy. Instead you will just seem like a foolish bimbette to others. There is a saying, “when you are happy, tell the world about it. But when you are sad, cry alone!” Or you can cry to a few trustworthy friends not to the whole world! Whatever the case is, these social networking sites are definitely not the place for you to vent out.

3. Drunken Pictures

Drunken pictures taken at parties or random places may seem funny to you and your friends. But on social networking sites, where a number of people who barely know each other are connected, it is nothing but foolishness. Out there, there are people with different kinds of opinions and mindsets. Such pictures may only make them draw unnecessary conclusions about you and give them a chance to judge you. Worst case scenario, if these pictures by any chance reach your boss or your parents, it may put you in deep trouble.

4. Phone Numbers or Addresses

Confidential information like your phone number or your address should never be put up on Social Networking sites. You never know in what of dangerous person’s hands this information could land up in and what kind of trouble it may put you into.

5. Hints about Your Password

Now why would you do something like that! And as absurd as this may sound, there are girls who actually do such things. Probably it helps them to grab people’s attention or seem more interesting. Either way, it is something really foolish to do. Passwords are personal and need to be protected. Your social networking site connects you to all sorts of people who may try to hack into your profile and might actually succeed. You most certainly don’t want that, do you?

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