10 Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein

10 Things You Didn't Know About Albert Einstein

Everyone knows Albert Einstein because of his tremendous services to the world of sciences and his inventions. But there are certain things about the great man which are very strange and which many are absolutely unaware of. Have a look.

1. The great scientist Einstein was a fat baby and the size of his head was also more than normal. This was initially considered as an abnormality by his family. But after some weeks, the doctors were able to cure it.

2. All through his childhood, he spoke very less. This was because he had to form sentences in his mind and then speak them. Thus, he spoke slowly which was even taken by his parents as a mental problem.

3. This extraordinary scientist was very poor as far as non-science subjects and English writing were concerned. This was the reason why he failed in his university entrance exams at the age of 17. Also, he had a poor memory and often tended to forget the birthdays of his wife and son.

4. Though he was against war, still he had once asked President Franklin Roosevelt to create the atom bomb. He did so because he was worried about the rise of Nazi Germany. He was requested by his physicist friend Leo Szilard to do so.

5. When Israel got independence during the World War II, the country wanted Albert Einstein to become its president. However, he refused this proposal.

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