10 Things that Stop You from Being Happy

10 Things that Stop You from Being Happy

Everyone wants to be happy and most people are ready to do almost anything if it holds the promise of guaranteeing them happiness. But very few are successful in this never ending quest for happiness. The reason is simple -just as there are things which make us happy, there is a whole other list of items that act as barriers to happiness. Enlisted here are some such things that stop you from being happy.

1. Comparison

You are unique and it’s time you realized that. Don’t measure yourself according to standards set by others. Rather, it should be the other way round. As long as you are able to achieve your own targets, why worry about what others are doing?

2. Daydreaming

Everyone has certain wishes and imagines a better future. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pass your entire time day-dreaming about what could/should have been. Nothing can be achieved by wishful thinking. It only adds to one’s owes.

3. Self-pity

Once in a while, you will come across someone who seems to be the saddest person in the world. There is no end to their blabbering about their misfortunes. This constant self-pity stops them from appreciating what they have and stops them from being happy.

4. Worries

Stop worrying about what is going to happen and what might go wrong and start thinking positively. Pessimistic attitude will never bring anyone happiness. Instead of worrying, the time can be more fruitfully spent in working towards one’s goal, irrespective of the barriers on the way.

5. Blame game

Whenever you face any problem or come across failures, instead of blaming yourself or anyone else for it, you should focus on the positives. Otherwise, your entire time will be taken up in this blame game and you can say goodbye to happiness.

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