10 Things Men Hate About Women

10 Things Men Hate About Women

Women are a symbol of beauty. Their elegance and charming nature is matched by none else. Yet, women have plenty of habits which are real turn offs for men! So unless a woman wants to ward off her suitor, she should take care of these 10 things which men hate about women.

1. Being noisy while eating

You might think the sound you make while eating may not be much of an issue but your partner may not think so. The burp you make or the constant tingling of spoons while eating may actually irritate your partner.

2. Wearing too high heels

You might think that men would be impressed if you wear high heels. This is not always so. In fact, there are many men who avoid women, who wear high heels, as they find these women too superficial.

3. Taking too much time in the bathroom

You go to the bathroom for a shower and come back after 45 minutes. But men think you never seem to come out. Waiting for you is the most irritable task for them because as compared to their time in the bathroom, you take nearly hours to come out! So, make sure you do not spend more than 15 minutes in the bathroom, unless it is an emergency!

4. Flaunting new hairstyles

You might think your new hairstyle is ultra cool but your man may not. In fact, it is one of the major turn offs for men when you change your previous hairstyle (which he liked) with a funky one.

5. Nagging forever

Nagging is an integral part of almost all women’s nature. Especially if their partner commits a mistake, women have this habit of constantly reminding him of his mistake. This irritates men a lot.

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