10 Things Men First Notice About You

10 Things Men First Notice About You

Appearances can be deceiving, no doubt. But that doesn’t stop us from forming opinions about others about how they look. So just in case, you cannot wait for that guy round the corner to ask you out, here is how you can know what he notices and thinks about you. Check out this list of things men first notice about you. Go through it and you will grasp the mantra of turning heads and leaving men gawking at you.

1. Eyes

Contrary to what women think, their eyes really are the first thing that holds a man’s attention. A doe eyed beauty can enthrall any man under the sun. But even if you are not blessed with beautiful eyes, you can create an impact by maintaining good eye contact. It shows him you are interested in him, besides being a confident woman.

2. Voice

Some women are so loud and shrill all the time that men get easily irritated by them. Although a sweet or exotic voice will find an admirer everywhere, it doesn’t mean that you should also possess it no matter what. It’s only your voice that’s important. It can attract anyone with the way you use it. Voice modulation is important according to the occasion and topic of discussion, instead of just shouting your way through life.

3. Dress

Wearing expensive clothes isn’t enough. You should be able to carry it off. Ditto with revealing clothes. Don’t go overboard to impress your man. Dress only in what suits you.

4. Group

Are you a part of a huge group or alone? Do you hang out more with women or men? The size and content of your gang is something that most men notice and may help them decide if they have to approach you.

5. Body language

Dressing well is not enough. Men see how confident a woman seems. Too much or too less of confidence may put off any man. Your body language speaks a lot about your personality and shows a man whether you two will connect or not.

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